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Time to turn your dreams into a fitting home. Especially in a bizarre housing market like the one in Amsterdam, it pays to work with a purchasing agent. We open doors that would otherwise have remained closed. Literally.

Together we will find your picture perfect home. We make the purchasing process as pleasant as possible. You can ask unlimited questions (also outside office hours) and there is no limit to the number of house viewings. We also arrange transport to and from each residence. So convenient!

How does it all work? Find out in our step-by-step plan.

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Get acquainted

We start with your story. Who are you, what are your housing dreams and how can we help you?


The task in black and white

With all our agreements clearly on paper, we lay a solid foundation for the house search. So clear.


Personal checklist

Now that we have a clear picture of your housing needs, personal situation and financial possibilities, we can draw up a specific search profile. On to the perfect match!


Let’s start house hunting

Your personal broker starts the hunt. With our system, an exclusive network, Funda and other online channels, we never miss a property.


Viewing properties

Are you curious about one of our finds? Let’s have a look! We make a detailed analysis of the property and schedule a viewing. Thanks to our pick-up and drop-off service, it is easy to do this during working hours and your estate agent will give you an update on our findings on the way.

During the visit, your own estate agent will accompany you to inspect the house from top to bottom. He or she collects all useful information from the selling agent. Like an extra pair of expert eyes. Meanwhile, you can already see yourself living there.


Deal or no deal?

After an extensive survey of the house and its surroundings, it is time to make an offer. We want this house at the very best price and conditions. Your personal broker keeps you informed of everything during this exciting process.


Checking the deed of sale

Deal! Before you sign, there is a final check. Your broker checks the deed of sale and other documents down to the smallest detail.



The start of your new chapter in living. During the final inspection, we take a last look at the house. Are there any unexpected problems that need to be solved first? Then we are ready for you! Then we go to the notary for the legal and actual delivery.


Now it just begins

Your perfect living picture becomes reality. Our story is not over yet either. With a relocation service and interior advice, we can help you with your living pleasure even after the purchase.

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